Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Mid-Year Spiritual Appraisal

It’s July. Usually at this time, most bosses will hold a mid year appraisal with their employee to review their performance. This is important so that the employee will know how far they have achieved and what else they can improve in order to meet their yearly goals.

Often, we set goals or objectives for our carrier and life. How about our spiritual growth? Have you done your mid year appraisal with God?
Or I should ask, had you ever set your spiritual goal for 2008 at the beginning of the year?

I’m glad I did. So now I’m going to come out with a summary of my appraisal with God.

1st Objectives
Learn to fast & pray

Review Comments
- Manage to be firm on my stand, fast and pray for things in life.
- Get rid of obsession on food.

2nd Objectives
More prayer & spend time with God

Review Comments
- Manage to spend quality time with God and communicate with Him in better way.
- Be discipline on setting my prayer time.

3rd Objectives
Pray for Healing - spirit, soul & body

- Get healed from my gastric problem during the fast and pray period.
- Healed from throat pain and strained ankle.

I’m pretty happy with what I’d achieved but I also know that there is always room for improvement. I should not be pleased by little achievement and let my spiritual life get stagnant after this. All these attainments should be the momentum to drive me for higher level growth.

I want to get closer to Him. I want to pray more. I want to be healed from all sickness. Above all, I’m sure God will lead me through, guide me along the way and waiting for me at the end of the path. By that time, I can be rejoiced and glorify His Mighty Name.


s i n g said...

Happy for you!!

Cham liao..I didn't set any goal ler..everyday's life is just a routine life. But, maybe, being able to live a routine life is some kind of happiness as well, hor? :)

Hydrangea said...

yeah.. a life with goal is more meaningful ler..

plus.. when u hit ur goal, u know how good u can be..

if you are not.. then u will know u need to work harder oh.. hehe

jia you